Are You Ready? RIP Kobe Bryant

Episode Summary

In this episode I take a moment to ask a very important question as we as a nation say RIP Kobe Bryant. Are you ready? Ready for what? You may ask. Ready for what happens with your family and loved ones that are here after you're gone.

Episode Notes

As people around the United States and the world say RIP Kobe Bryant. Times like these always seem to spark that little thing in us all that reminds us that are time here to is limited and we don't know when our last day will be. So, for a very too brief moment in time people will evaluate their lives and relationships and some will actually make some positive changes in those areas and others will go on being the way we were before without any change. 

The one thing that we ALL need to change (at least 70% of African Americans anyway) is estate planning. A study done by caring.com showed that 42% of Americans have done proper estate planning and 70% of African Americans have NO estate planning in place at all. 

So, as you reminisce  over all of the wonderful things done by a great professional athlete. RIP Kobe Bryant. Be sure to make sure that your family affairs are in order so that your family can continue to live their best life and celebrate the great life that you had.

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