Are You Sleeping?

Episode Summary

Today's episode is discussing sleep deprivation and why it's so important for those of us that are out here going hard and getting it in on a day to day basis takes the time to still get the proper rest that our body needs.

Episode Notes

Positive Neighborhood News

25 Year old Student starts her own law firm. Click Here to read the full article on this inspiring story.

Homeschool News

Hampton Roads Black HomeSchool Educators


Corney Comedy

Why shouldn't you write with a broken pen? It's pointless!!

I don't want to see another term with Donald Trump in office but I often have to stop and ask what are the Democrats really going to do for us? I understand the concept of lesser of two evils but still at the end of the day we're still dealing with evil.

Think about it.

Are You Sleeping?

10 Reasons why you should improve your sleeping habits.



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