How Social Media Affects Teens

Episode Summary

Today's episode goes in to speak about the affects of social media on teens in our community and what are we able to do, if anything, about it. Technological advances has made the world that we live in very different than it was for those of us that are in our forties. Our youth is more connected and disconnected. More technological advancements, availability to more information, and yet not be as intelligent as we would think.

Episode Notes

Positive Neighborhood News

Ramona Hood


She brings more than 28 years of FedEx experience to her role, having most recently served as vice president of operations, strategy, and planning for FedEx Custom Critical. Hood started her career at FedEx Custom Critical in 1991 in an entry-level position and worked her way up to various executive leadership positions at FedEx Custom Critical and FedEx Supply Chain. Her career path evolved through many areas of the company, including operations, safety, sourcing, sales, and marketing.

Your Imagination is YOUR only limitation!!!

Health News

Daniel Carey as of 03/05/20

ICYMI: Virginia currently does not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19, or coronavirus. But state agencies have been hard at work making sure we are prepared. Follow @VDHgov  and @VDHCommissioner   for the latest updates.

Homeschool News


African-Centered Homeschoolers: One of the largest Facebook groups for Black homeschoolers, this is the first group I joined. It’s very active and contains TONS of information and resources to help you homeschool from an African perspective.

Melanin Kids Book Club: Started by a homeschooling mom who understands that representation matters, this group believes that reading our children books that feature brown faces is very important.

African-American Curriculum Co-op: Homeschool savings co-ops are great places to meet other homeschoolers and save money on curriculum at the same time. This group will help you do both!

Black-Natural Homeschoolers: If you’re thinking about living a holistic, natural homeschooling lifestyle, this group may be for you.

African-American Homeschool Network: This is the largest Black homeschooling group I’ve found on Facebook. Its purpose is to empower families to homeschool their children with the support of a large network of other Black homeschooling families. It also helps parents with curriculum selection and starting their own local homeschool co-op.

Black Homeschool Families: This inclusive group was created to support all caregivers who currently (or intend to) homeschool Black or multiracial children.

African-American Unschoolers: If a child-led education is what you’re thinking of for your children, this group may be a good fit.

Homeschooling Black Families: This group is for Black parents to share their experiences and ask questions in a community working together as home educating parents.

Black Homeschoolers Traveling Together: Are you a traveling Black homeschooling family looking to connect with other Black families doing the same? If so, definitely check out this group!

African-American Homeschool Moms: A friendly group of Black moms who encourage and support each other on their homeschooling journeys, this group was created to bring together Black moms raising and homeschooling Black children.

African-American Homeschool Holistic Living: This group is for homeschoolers on a journey toward living a more holistic life.

African-American STEAM Club: If you’re a Black homeschooling family who loves everything STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), you’ll find other Black families who love it, too.

Afrocentric Homeschool Association: Formed in 1996, this group is for individual home-educated teens and homeschooling families who want to be part of an online community all about pro-Black, self-education.

Corney Comedy

What did one saggy boob say to the other? If we don't get some support people are going to think we're nuts.

Today's Main Topic of Discussion

"Bloomberg2020. Another Trump2020?"


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