Now What? Ways to pivot in the digital economy.

Episode Summary

Today’s episode goes into providing some real ways to get back to making money if you’ve been laid off or furloughed due to the current pandemic that is affecting our country and the world.

Episode Notes


Real work from home sites that have real opportunities. 

This is a partial list of companies that offer customer service and support to various fortune 500 companies. 



Kelly At Home or Kelly Connect

Apple At Home 

West At Home 

Analyze your current skills set acquired from your prior job. Can any of these skills be marketed as a service directly to other businesses or consumers. 

Freelance sites like fiverr and upwork provide wonderful opportunities to market your skills directly to businesses in the US and Abroad. 

Use your time to learn a new skill through informative YouTube videos or if you have the ability use sites like skillshare.com 

What do you LOVE to do? What’s the one thing that you could do whether you got paid for it or not? Can this be turned into a product or service that could be useful to other consumers or businesses?