Why Should I waste my Time?

Episode Summary

Today's podcast asks the simple question of Why should I waste my time and go out and go to a polling location and vote? What have the Democrats done for the black community and which candidate has a black agenda?

Episode Notes

Positive Neighborhood News

Homeschool girl's basketball player scores 1,000 points

Homeschool News

When you're home schooling your child then you don't have to worry about your child being choked by the resource officer as a teenager in an AR school was. I understand that everyone is not going to be able to home school their children but to those who can should definitely consider it as an option. Not only will your child be better educated but they'll also be safer. 

Video can be seen here.

Corney Comedy

If a deaf girl masturbates? Does she use her other hand to moan?

Today's Main Topic of Discussion

"Why Should I waste my time?"


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